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    Management / Engineering  / Students & Faculty / Social Organisations

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    Chartered Accounts / Coaches & Mentors / Lawyers / SMEs business owners / NGOs

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Testimonials India

  • “Always work in a team and use action card in your life because life is a game”.
    Pradeep Kumar

  • “We should not wait for our turn, instead take an action whenever essential and do not wait for anything instead go ahead in life”.
  • “Take action “ YOU” hold the cards to your life…..”YOU” not your parents or the circumstances or anyone else in the world.
    Suhasa Gottumukkala
  • “I would look upto my environment in a more collaborative way then as an individual”.
    Raahat Agarwal
  • “Being an entrepreneur is not very hard; the only thing we used in freshbiz game is smartness and should learn from the mistakes”.
    Prateek Bansal
  • “Literally speaking we got secrets to build up our lives”.
    Unix Ray
  • “Work on” collaboration, action cards of my life and starting work on quantum leap form now."
    Indrani Ghosh
  • “Anything can happen anytime, so be prepared and instead on focusing on somebody else’s drawback concentrate on your work and success”.
    Sneha Tiwari.
  • “Now I can try to connect this game to the real life business. And now will take my action ,opening business seems more clear to me”.
    Ketaki Jirapure.
  • “Not limiting to my beliefs and not underestimating my capabilities and my abilities. It changed my point of view, No I will keep telling myself that “I CANDO IT” and will search for opportunities”.
    Shika Kukreja.
  • “Once you know something, you cannot forget it. This workshop opened one of the locked doors in my mind” .
    Lalitha Sindhura
  • “Helped me discover a hunger for learning new things and taking risks. A feeling which I hadn’t come across till date”.
    Vinat Chadha.
  • “Changing the way I see life as a game”.
    Alankrtha Shamanur
  • “Use the contacts as opportunity, realized contacts are asset which I have to start encashing to achieve my/oour goals”.
    Krishnanad Bhat
  • “Move form few options to unlimited opportunities. Collaborate for success”.
    George Jacob.
  • “This is a life skill development workshop”.
    Vijay Pareek





The FreshBiz Win to the Winth Power workshop is the first of FreshBiz’s Curriculum for Entrepreneurial Development, and your opportunity to “Experience Entrepreneurial Thinking” in just a few short hours. In addition to understanding how to turn ideas into reality, we will explore multi-dimensional thinking, and create some real muscle memory while playing the FreshBiz board game to bring those deep insights to life!


In this workshop you will:

  • FreshBiz-500x373Have an opportunity to play the FreshBiz board game and incorporate the methodology while deepening insights and practicing new winning behaviors.
  • Flip the switch from “Old Game” to “New Game” thinking and learn The New Strategy
  • Begin to expand the quality of your life through experiencing Quantum Leaps, creating leverage, & what your real life Action Cards are
  • Create new awareness around the different dimensions of the game and your life.
  • Go from WinLose past WinWins and right into Win to the Winth power!: The power of zooming out, expanding the pie, and collaboration


  • “Wow! Right after the Win to the Winth Power Workshop for our for 50 executives, each of them presented us with a new project to generate some extra income using the FreshBiz methodology. We’ve already started implementing the first project which will generate an additional 2 million dollars in revenue over the next 24 months, & cannot wait to see what the remaining 49 projects will do for our company!”

    ~ Ronen Cohen, HR Manager, Fattal Hotels WorldWide

  • “Take a game too seriously and it becomes a negative experience. Take a game too jokingly and it becomes too frivolous and forgettable.  FreshBiz hits the sweetspot in the middle and really subverts our competetive thinking habits to support a more collaborative mindset that ultimately helps everyone in the end. My experience with the game has stuck in my mind and has remained as a tool of self-discovery.  There is potential to be had in all my skills, my relationships, and my environment - I just need to recognize it and FreshBiz points me in that direction.”

    ~ Ivan Kuo, Managing Editor at Gamification Co.
  • “In an effort to offer students more immersive strategic exercises, the business school at the College of Management Academic Studies has collaborated with FreshBiz. This collaboration offers a groundbreaking academic course offering a balanced mix of academic lectures, case studies, and game play with a focus on the “new rules” of strategic management.

    The goal of this course is a student-centered, hands-on, real-time experience in formulation and execution of strategic plans, with the support of academic content and retrospective case study analyses. This novel combination offers an added value to executives and working students who are faced with strategic management issues daily.”

    ~ Yaron Daniely, PhD, Academic Director, MBA program at College of Management Academic Studies
  • “The FreshBiz FreshMinds workshop was exceptional for our 120 bank managers! The game itself was a fascinating powerful tool and the multi dimensional business methodology  generated lots of curiosity and excitement among them. Our bank managers said that FreshBiz was their favorite training with the highest added value.”

    ~ Rachel Mimon, Business Development manager at Bank Leumi Israel
  • “Our experience with FreshBiz was a true success, and a great culmination of the 3 day seminar that was part of our worldwide gatherings we run a few times a year. The game is dynamic and builds a very easy going and fully energized atmosphere while at the same giving an excellent opportunity for learning and getting a real taste for entrepreneurship…We highly recommend the FreshBiz game and workshops”

    ~  Einat Roth – HR Manager of Netafim Ltd.
  • “We all really enjoyed the experience and found it quite insightful…While the board game itself is quite well thought out, I believe the real value of the game for students lies in the facilitators, the  coaching players can get during the game, and more importantly, conducting the debriefing afterward. The game itself is a very good tool…and the ‘brilliance’ lies in the facilitation.”

    ~ Bruce Bachenheimer, Clinical Professor of Management at Pace University, NYC
  • “The FreshBiz workshop is a brilliant tool to learn about the new world of business in a fun & creative way.”

    ~ Robert Shemin, Real Estate Investor & Best Selling Author
  • “Going through the SandBox Seminar was one of the best investments of time and money that I’ve ever made. Just living the FreshBiz way during the duration of the seminar, has allowed me to generate an extra $100,000 and improved my partnership skills, creative thinking, and deepened the understanding of the global potential of my business. Thank you!”

    ~ Orit Gordon – Global Entrepreneur & Event Producer for International Speakers
  • “I use the FreshBiz game and workshops as an integrated part of my training with corporations, and the feedback I get is phenomenal. FreshBiz lets one identify the game rules for the new way of playing business while giving participants real power in designing the life they really want to live.”

    ~ Arie Maliniak, former Head Coach of Israel’s top basket ball team, Radio Talk Show Host & Leading Business Coach
  • “The game is extremely engaging, highly provocative, and has the potential to really impact the way you think both personally and professionally. For me, I learned that the right risk is worth it and that collaboration can bring great rewards. This is something that I cannot wait to apply in my business!”

    ~ Marni Mandell, Message Development Specialist & Speaker Trainer at LS Message Experts
  • “I really enjoyed the experience, because it showed me exactly where my limitations are and what I can shift in my thinking to create real time success.”

    Aviva Belfer, Owner of The Center for Healing and Beauty
  • “I left the FreshBiz workshop immediately thinking in new additional dimensions. Now, as opposed to looking at success as a selfish process of what I can gain through focusing on myself, I instead started looking for opportunities where I can assist others in succeeding so that success will show up for me as a function of teamwork and collaboration. And that one thing, has made all the difference in my  business!”

    Benji Weiss, Owner of Weiss Accounting
  • “Loved it -where can I buy the game?!  I am grateful for the new awareness of how many opportunities are available to help me achieve my goals and how much fun it is  to simultaneously help others achieve their goals as well. Can’t wait to bring the game home to continue developing this mindset along with my family!”

    ~ Avi Herskovitz, Young Entrepreneur
  • "Thank you for the wonderful FreshBiz workshop, it was excellent ! the entrepreneurial thinking concepts were delivered in a clear and fun way, the participants continued sharing new insights and implementations days after the workshop was over...Thank you"

    Noit Harrari - Team Manager, HP Israel